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Please check available tour dates and times by using the "Buy Tickets" links below. This is a walking tour of the ballpark which includes climbing stairs and ramps. All tours are wheelchair-accessible; please notify your tour guide of any concerns or questions prior to the start of the tour.

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Stadium Tours are unavailable on the following dates:. All elements of the tours are subject to availability and all tour dates and times are subject to change. This exclusive tour allows fans a one-of-a-kind opportunity to peek inside the Dodger Clubhouse. Clubhouse Tours run on select Saturdays and Sundays and run for approximately 2 hours.

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Space is limited. Experience an exclusive tour of Dodger Stadium before the start of the game! This tour, which runs for approximately 45 minutes, may include visits to:. Please note: The Pregame Tour is not a ticket to the game.

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Game and parking tickets must be purchased in advance. For further information or to book your tour please email tours ladodgers. Fans may now take part in a truly one-of-a-kind VIP game day experience. For further details on availability and pricing, please contact tours ladodgers. Bookings require a minimum of 48 hours' notice. For this reason, he is hired to work as a spy for the English government.

Dodger is a tosher, one who scavenges the sewers for lost money and valuables, in the city of London. He believes in the Lady of the Sewers, the deity of the sewer system, and looks forward to the day when she will see fit to grant him a tosheroon, a compact bundle of treasure in the sewers with enough value to set a tosher for life.

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Dodger doesn't realize he has begun a journey to a different life when he emerges from the sewers one stormy night to save a woman trying to escape a carriage from two men. Dodger rescues the woman and fights off her attackers. He meets the characters, Charles Dickens and Henry Mayhew, who have witnessed the attack and arrange for the girl to stay at the Mayhew home until she can recover.

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Dodger learns a bit of Simplicity's story. It was her husband who arranged for her to be hurt so badly, and Dodger makes sure that Simplicity is set up living in a safe place instead of being sent back to her husband. Charlie has asked Dodger to help him find the men responsible for Simplicity's beating.

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In the process, Dodger saves the staff of the Morning Chronicle from being robbed, and also helps the London police take Sweeney Todd, a barber who has murdered six men, into custody. For these acts, he is declared a hero and given a reward. Dodger probably considers his best accomplishment to be his plan to save Simplicity from having to go back to her husband. Because her husband belongs to a royal family in another country, the government of England refuses to give Simplicity amnesty, believing that it will cause bad relations between the countries.

Dodger comes up with a plan to fake Simplicity's death so that those who are looking to take her back to her abusive husband will no longer do so, and so that she can live a life of freedom in England, as she desires. At the conclusion of the novel, Dodger hears the voice of his "granddad" telling him that Simplicity is the tosheroon for which he has been looking. There is more good news for Dodger as he learns that he will not be punished for any of his activities at the - or in connection with Simplicity's "death. Read more from the Study Guide.

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