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Lee writes about the entire socialist movement in Europe, so the reader can easily understand the context of the Menshevik experiment of the country. It was a republic that Trotsky smeared in his sectarian pamphlet Between red and white. Last year saw the publication of The experiment: Georgias forgotten revolution by Eric Lee, which rebutted the smears.

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In particular - and contrary to Bolshevik assertions - Bolsheviks were unpopular in Georgia, while Mensheviks were popular. Trade unions were strong, with the right to strike. Lee says it was a pluralist, multi-party democracy of free elections, where the constitution guaranteed universal suffrage, a free press, separation of church and state, and abolished the death penalty. White in a letter to the Weekly Worker. It was a pluralist, multi-party democracy of free elections, where the constitution guaranteed universal suffrage, a free press, separation of church and state and abolished the death penalty.

The Mensheviks correctly observed that impoverished, backward societies cannot skip historical stages and proceed to create socialism. Bolsheviks wrongly claimed they had done otherwise in Russia.

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I was entirely ignorant of this period and I found it really inspiring. I would strongly recommend it. Both perspectives rightly repudiate the goal of establishing State capitalism through dictatorship. Easy to read and follow and starts to fill in a gap I didn't even know I had.

Esta es una laguna que Eric Lee, escritor y distinguido activista sindical, completa en su libro The Experiment. But fewer people will know of the remarkable story of a revolution in Georgia that took place alongside this, which was an exploration of democratic socialism and a co-operative economy.

A Forgotten ‘Revolution’

This is a gap that Eric Lee, writer and distinguished trade union activist, fills in his book The Experiment. The last chapter describes what this ideal social democracy could have been. It makes a heartrending read. A must read for all Georgians and anyone interested in that period of history.

He provides a lot of insight into the very different path that the Georgian Mensheviks took as a socialist party ruling over a country not at all ready for socialism. Much of it - especially the section on cooperatives - has a very contemporary feel, and I rather think that John McDonnell would benefit from reading some of the chapters. It does, however, do more than that.

By placing the Georgian experiment in its historical and international context, it gives us important insights into the nature of nation-building, socialism, Stalinism, and even contemporary Russia. This book, written with transparent prose, shines much new light on an neglected story. He has made an obscure, if important, moment in history come alive in a very readable book. Even though you know "whodunit" before you start the book, those three years are a fascinating story.

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Lee's book describes the major figures of this beguiling political experiment, and how their politics was an alternative to the Bolshevik authoritarianism emerging in neighbouring Russia. With the Red Army only hours away, and the Georgian government rushing to board ships that would take them into exile, the Georgian Social Democrats were keen to complete their legacy'.

Only 5 stars, really? Menshevism was the programme of self-limiting defeat. Trotsky was right to consign it to the dustbin of history. This hidden period of the history of Caucasian countries is extremely interesting The work describes collisions of so many interests in the region and the way Georgian idealists acted at the time of a great warfare.

All these is managed in a very simple and readable manner. The book is highly recommended for those interested in the modern histories of Georgia, Caucasus, Russia and East Europe. Read the five star review on Amazon. While uncomfortable with some authoritarian behaviors on the Guomindang's part, prominent liberals such as Zhu Guangqian shared the state's priority of reining in an intransigent mass society. Internationally, China's repudiation of Soviet-supported anti-imperialist activities led the Guomindang to appeal to cultural affinities in the overtures it extended to the Indian independence movement.

Forgotten Revolution: Female Communists and the Making of Women’s Emancipation in Postwar Poland

The regime's celebration of Eastern spiritual superiority proved attractive to Pan-Asianists like Rabindranath Tagore and informed exchanges between the Guomindang and Indian National Congress at the height of the Second World War. Columbia University Libraries. Academic Commons. Geographic Areas Asia.

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