Neuroscience for Coaches: How to Use the Latest Insights for the Benefit of Your Clients

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Brain function, structure, and connectomics.


The essentials of neurochemistry, neuroplasticity and change. Organizing principles of the brain we can use for real-world application. Applied neuroscience frameworks for practical application. Essential brain processes every coach needs to know. Why emotional dysregulation prevents someone from leading a self-directed life of achievement and fulfillment. The 6 forms of emotion regulation, and which ones work best according to neuroscience. The 3 types of cognitive reappraisal, and how to apply them. Why emotional coping style is critical to overcoming obstacles and challenges.

Neuroscience for Coaches How to Use the Latest Insights for the Benefit of Your Clients

Overcoming the negativity bias and shifting persistent problems using brain-based re-association. The two neural networks associated with how we experience the self, and how to work with both.

Working with executive attention perfect for clients to benefit from mindfulness without meditating. Everyday mindful activities that train attention quickly and effectively. Learn about the habits of brain health that impact lifespan, health-span, and performance. How to achieve deep restorative sleep, to perform at your best. The brain on problems: why prevention is better than cure. The 4 levels of communication, and why you must be using number 4 when asking questions.

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The 3 pillars the NeuroCoach uses for coach-to-client communication to be most effective. The 2 neuroscience-based processes for facilitating insight-solutions to problems. How to mitigate biases and check insight-solution accuracy. Working with motivation, goal-setting and habit formation. The importance of having a vision for life, and how to live by core values. Self Determination Theory and working with intrinsic motivation and when to use extrinsic motivators.

Neuroscience and Coaching | What’s the Connection?

Coaching to the Positive and Negative Emotional Attractors: when to work with personal vision vs action-orientation. Interactive Training In addition to the comprehensive online training program, the Certificate in Applied Neuroscience includes 6 weeks of online interactive training sessions. Live sessions can be accessed from any online device, and are available for all time zones. The field of neuroscience is constantly expanding, and new research is being conducted daily.

Learn the principles, apply the strategies, get the results! Practitioner Tools Each module comes with practitioner tools to help you implement what you learn, and apply neuroscience in your practice. Tools include brain-based cheat-sheets, assessments, powerful-questioning examples and more. Resources For those who like to dive deeper! Community Connect with your peers in our private support community and forum. Her answer to the plus-one question is her next step.

It may be a question she needs to answer, a topic she needs to think about, or an action she decided to take. If they were, computer programs could make those decisions instead of people. She will crave your coaching questions and the opportunity to create new ideas and solutions.

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Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Instagram. Part 3 of a 4-part series In the first two articles in this series, I shared how to engage corporate skeptics in coaching. Coaches Ask All the Right Questions. What about your team? We hope you find this opens up your curiosity and a higher level of discovery.

Applied Neuroscience Certification

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