Rain on the Dead (Sean Dillon, Book 21)

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Sean Dillon

Rain on the Dead Sean Dillon 21 Paperback. By Jack Higgins.

Description The past comes back to haunt black ops specialist Sean Dillon and his colleagues in this New York Time s bestselling novel of terrorism, revenge, and a very old nemesis On a dark summer night, two Chechen mercenaries emerge from the waters off Nantucket to kill a high-value target, the former President of the United States. Unfortunately for them, the president has guests that night, including Sean Dillon and his colleague, Afghan war hero Captain Sara Gideon. The Chechens do not survive the night, but Dillon is curious about how they even got on the island.

Rain on the Dead (Sean Dillon #21) (Paperback)

If this man is working with the terrorists now, the assassination attempt is only the beginning—and next time, the results may be much, much different. Amos Decker is a former professional football player whose career was ended by a terrible hit. Now a police detective, Amos is still haunted by a side effect from the accident he can never forget.

One night Decker comes home from a stakeout to find his wife, young daughter, and brother-in-law horrifically murdered.

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Obviously scarred and nearly broken, Decker has to use his skills as a detective and his unusual brain capacity to try to catch the monster who killed his family. In , while crossing the Pennine Alps, Napoleon Bonaparte and his army stumbled across the pillars. Unable to transport them, Napoleon created an inscrutable map on the labels of twelve bottles of rare wine. When Napoleon died, the bottles disappeared - and the gold pillars were lost once again.

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Inside, they find a bottle taken from Napoleon's 'lost cellar'. Forget James Bond. Forget Jason Bourne. Forget Jack Bauer.

By Jack Higgins

Meet Victor. He's an assassin - a man with no past and no surname. But when a Paris job goes spectacularly wrong, Victor finds himself running for his life across four continents, accompanied by a woman too beautiful to trust, pursued by enemies too powerful to escape.